Orafol Americas

Streamlining the distributor’s experience for one of the biggest makers of vehicle wraps and adhesives.

The Client

ORAFOL GMBh is a German based manufacturer of adhesive vinyls for everything from car wraps, to road signage, to interior displays.

The Problem

ORAFOL's distributors and sales team required a responsive, easy to use portal to preview products and order material. ORAFOL's old portal was outdated, difficult to use, and did not display information in a way that aided users in their decision making.

My Role

I was the lead designer and took responsibility for the user experience for the site. Our other designer, Seth Akkerman, focused on visual design and aiding with user experience where necessary. We shared responsibility for communicating with the client as well as with our internal team.



Project Type

Web Design

My Role

Design Lead

Make it easy

The Orafol team made it explicitly clear to our team that site needed to be easy to use no matter who was accessing it or from where they were accessing it. The majority of the users are distributors and salesmen who are on the road and needed a mobile first approach to a hub for all things ORAFOL.

Make it simple

I worked with our other designer, Seth, to develop a user flow that would cater to the needs of the user no matter their purpose. From the home page users could access products and their categories as well as all important order and invoice searching and stock checking.

mo' designers, mo' time

This project was my first real exposure to working with another designer on a large scale design project. We quickly learned how to communicate and collaborate. We developed processes where tools failed us and found tools to make the process stronger. One of the biggest benefits was our ability to split focus. I ended up focusing on UX needs while our other designer, Seth Akkerman, focused on visual design.

Distributor Tools

The largest problem that we faced was giving a new flow and look to the distributor tools that are so important for Orafol. We designed several new pages that streamlined these specific actions. Many of these pages required old databases or old processes. So my job was to work with our development team on how to make sure users weren't overwhelmed or frustrated with those processes.

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