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I'm a graphic designer turned product designer, front-end tinkerer, and wannabe YouTuber. I love photography, cycling, code, and ice cream. I'm interested in building beautiful, functional digital experiences that make people's lives easier.
Savannah College of Art and Design
B.F.A. Graphic Design | 2011 – 2015
Product Designer Census
2021 – Present
Product Designer, Kalon Creative 1
2020 – 2021
Design Lead, Gauge
2015 – 2019 | RIP
2017 – Present
I enjoy helping others | 2022 – Present
OnDeck Health 3
Design focused fellow | 2021 – 2022
Pro-Bono Work
Giving back through design
Kinetik Creators
Brief foray into podcasting | RIP
Alloy Health — Empowering physicians to provide the best care.

Alloy Health is a passion project that I started in 2017. The EMR has not changed much since the 1990s and is in need of an update. Many regulatory and clinical requirements mean that many EHRs are a mess of dialogs, menus, pages, and sub-pages. I have spent my time interviewing physicians, researching regulatory requirements, and learning as much as I can about the medical industry.

Census — World class UX for cutting edge data and business teams.
  • Product:
  • Role:
    Founding Product Designer
  • Year:
    Since 2021

I joined the Census team in November of 2021 as their first product designer. My main focus has been to create a new design system that can serve the increasingly complex needs of our customers and users. In addition, I have incrementally re-designed each part of the product to be more refined, easier to understand, and faster to use.

I work with an incredible team at Census but most of all I'm thankful for my design team, Matt Yow and Daniel Hamilton. Much of what you see here has been designed in collaboration with them.

Circa Lighting — Designing a brilliant in-store experience for boutique lighting, fans, and chandeliers.
  • Project:
    Circa Lighting
  • Role:
    LEad Designer
  • Year:

For Circa Lighting, I designed a unique interface to complement the 98" and 55" devices that Circa uses to show off their products. I designed an interface that seamlessly adapts to mouse input as well as touch input. I leaned on eCommerce UX best practices to aid in designing the flow, information architecture, and interactions.

Census — Designing a first-in-class entity layer for data teams to understand their data better.

At Census, we wanted to build a tool that would enable data teams define their most trusted data (entities) and map the relationships between those entities. This way they can empower their business teams to take meaningful action with that data by segmenting or syncing it to critical business tools. I worked on the first entity library to use a canvas system to empower these teams to accelerate data activation in their organizations.

Moscot — Creating a new home for one of New York’s most historic glasses brands.
  • Project:
  • Role:
    LEad Designer
  • Year:

As Lead Designer at Gauge, I worked with the Moscot team to design their B2B portal for the European market. Relying on eCommerce UX best practices from Nielsen Norman Group and Barna, I designed the site structure and content structure to help the Moscot team make it easy for retailers to order supplies.

I also worked with the Moscot team to refine the look and feel of their brand so the website communicated their brand ideals appropriately.