Rebranding and redesigning a digital agency to show clients how much we care.

The Client

In 2007, Mark Lubbers and Daniel Augustine embarked on a journey to start an agency all their own. In the 10 years since, Gauge has expanded to include robust a project and account management team and a design team. Additionally, Gauge now works with a variety of clients from international coporations to mom and pop online stores.

I wrote an article, with the help of our awesome editor Erin, about our rebrand. Give it a read for the full story.

The Problem

Shortly after my arrival at Gauge, we began having conversations about our brand and identity. We realized through a series of conversations that our logo and identity no longer fit who we wanted to be and who we knew we could be.

My Role

I worked alongside our leadership team to design a new logo, identity system, and website. I lead the effort to craft our identity to present us as a world class agency that can do excellent work.


2016 – 2017

Project Type

Brand & Identity Re-Design

My Role

Design Lead

The LInes

As an agency our job and calling is to come alongside our clients in such a way that we walk with them, every step of the way. We build them up, we help them navigate treacherous terrain, and we don't abandon them because the going gets tough. The new logo encompasses this fact. We  crafted the "G" out of two parallel lines that intertwine and run together in a such a way that without either of them, the logo wouldn't exist. Just like Gauge cannot be successful without our clients. And our clients cannot be successful without our help. We support each other and together we shape Gauge and it's legacy. Furthermore, the two lines are actually one line. Signifying the journey that we are on together.



The new colors are softer, friendlier and in a way, more hopeful. Gone are the harsh reds and blacks. I replaced them with the wonderful, and inspiring colors of blue and green. Blended together as the earth and sky blend together at the horizon. A way of saying, "We're in this for the long haul." We're here for you when you need us." And more importantly, that you can trust us to do what's right for you and your company.

Buenos Aires

I chose the sans-serif typeface Buenos Aires for our main logotype and primary typeface. I felt that the well formed, geometric sans-serif exemplified our agency's attention detail. Buenos Aires also has small little flourishes that say "Hey, don't take me too seriously." Just like we want to make sure that the work gets done and that it's done well, we want to make sure that we can have a good time and be real with our clients. After all, we're all just humans working for other humans. Thanks Seth!

Tiempos Text

We chose Tiempos Text for it's open and large letterforms that make it easier to read and friendlier to look at. We knew that the traditional serif typeface would be important for us to communicate professionalism and maturity. Tiempos Text blends this need and balances well with Buenos Aires.

Visual Language

The visual language, like the logo, supports our core values of trust and transformation. One of the ways we decided to represent this was through the use of our own photos that we took of our team and our office. This way clients could get a feel for who we are and that they know our team before they even begin working with us. I worked with one of our owners who is an avid photographer. Together we figured out how to  communicate and execute the photoshoots together.


Our articles have long been a foundation of our marketing. They play a key role  in how we attract our clients, partners, and potential team members. The visuals for the articles have presented our team with an opportunity to play with the look and feel of our communication.


Our identity has expanded to include the usual identity package. This includes business cards, t-shirts, stickers, buttons, notebooks and more. We needed to present ourselves as professional and credible agency and we wanted to craft a fun, memorable experience for our team.

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